The Penthouse Apartment

April 2019

Creating interior spaces attuned to individual needs, and creating a space that our clients will want to spend time in is the Trindade & Bird methadology.  We transformed this modern penthouse apartment to create a cosy and welcoming space for our client to relax in on return from travels.  We used expert techniques that engaged, innovated, and went beyond, to reflect the true expression of our client.

Put the coffee on, sit back, and enjoy the view!

One of the greatest aspects of a penthouse is of course the magnificent view.  We drew inspiration from the city skyline and worked the scheme and furniture layout in harmony to optimise the feeling of being in the space.

We remodelled the space by knocking through one of the bedrooms to create an open-plan zone for our client to have a study and music area.

Testaments to the Trindade & Bird methodology.

“Never in my life have I owned a property where I’ve felt like shouting out, at the top of my voice, ‘I love this space!’ Louise & Sam sized me up like a personal shopper who picks out your clothes so that you can walk down the street with your head held high. And they really got me! They did a makeover of my entire apartment. Every room, top to toe. The design, the colours, textures, furnishings, ambience, everything has left me with a wonderful home in which I feel lifted, just to be there. It’s difficult I think, to put a price on Interior designer work, but it’s difficult too to put a price on the elation of waking up every morning in a personalised and beautiful setting where you just feel ‘at home’. Thanks, so much to Sam, Louise and the entire team. If recommendation is the highest accolade, then they should win the gold medal. I have since asked them to repeat the exercise on my new French-build. And once again, they excelled. I have no hesitation in recommending their services and wish them the very best in the future.”  Mark P.

Design details that align with your lifestyle.

A detailed discovery and analysis of our clients’ dreams, and lifestyle enabled our client to feel truly special, and have a space that they love to come home to.  This is all achieved through, listening and being mindful before using the practical magic required to transform a space to this standard.  Bringing together all the senses that were important to our client; touch (sensual textures), taste (a glass of wine), smell (coffee brewing), sound (music) and vision (the view).  All of these senses are then reflected within the design to evoke the best possible feeling within the space.

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