The Blue Room

August 2021

A home, and how it is decorated is an expression of individuality and a reflection of experiences.  Bringing the very best experiences into the home through expression of individuality is a key factor in our special technique to unwrap a vision to inspire and enliven the senses.  The blue room is a clever use of colour to define form seamlessly and creates a sensual space to experience the calming minimalism it delivers.

Colour and lighting is powerful, and defines the feeling of a space.

The most important factor to choosing colour is to consider light.  It’s important to understand how the use of colour, lighting, and how the imapcts of daylight levels will affect the room.  A common misconception about space and its lighting is that the smaller or darker the room, the lighter the colours must be in order to make it feel bigger and brighter.      The best thing to do is to lean into the natural cosiness and choose deeper, warmer, or even darker tones to create the ultimate intimate space.

Painting a blank canvas becomes the backdrop for the picture.

We generally stick to a completley flat, dead matte paint finish to achieve the very best possible effect with the colours we use.  We like to use the term “melting effect” to describe where we blend the same colour across the whole room, from skirting boards to the ceiling, to create the idea that the colour is melting into the whole space and blending the room all together.  Sloped ceilings can present a challenge, and our application and use of colour throughout the space breaks up the juxtaposition of the walls and ceilings in this bedroom to create a seamless effect.  We then build upon this canvas to layer in textures and accents to bring the scheme together with the lighting and furniture.

Modern Minimalism with a special difference.

Think minimalism, think white?  Well not necessarily. As demonstrated, minimalism is a reference to living simply, with a less is more approach.  This is never more important than in a bedroom.  Inspirations are translated through design to enrich lives, and this is achieved through a deep understanding of what is most important, and in a bedroom, we know that setting the scene and mood for the space is key.

This project was a complete transformation of a master bedroom suite for lovely clients which we have worked with for many years, and this is our most recent project for them, and a perfect example of how our signature use of colour can be used for dramatic effect.

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