The Family Kitchen

November 2023

A family kitchen is the heart of the home.  It is the place where we not only cook and eat, but laugh and cry, and spend the most time.  This is why it is the most important space to perfect.  It should be functional, safe, beautiful, practical, erganomic and above all, a pleasure to be in.  These are just a few highlights of the many considerations for a family kitchen.  For this Family Kitchen, the space was remodelled as part of an extensive renovation project, creating an open-plan kitchen dining and family room area.

Cooking dinner for the Family is easy breezy.

Getting dinner on the table for the kids is easy breezy in this light and airy kitchen, dining, family room.  Sit up at the table to do some homework, or chill out with the TV on at the weekends while preparing the veg on the spacious kitchen island.  Cook the pasta using the Quooker Hot Tap, and dinner is on the table in no time at all.

What should inspire us when designing a Kitchen?

Considering family lifestyle and use of the space can lead to inspirations, even the family dog.

We use our concept boards as a visual reference to guide the specifications for the scheme.  We want to hold on to the original rationale throughout the journey, which leads to the best possible outcome.

Inspiration can come from the daily dog walk, a favorite cook book, or even the ingredients we use to prepare our meals.  By listening, distilling and interpreting we can reflect true values that will make your home special and unique for you, and bring about the most desirable version the heart of your home can be.

The story of a transformative restoration.

The Family Kitchen is part of an extensive restoration project for a family home in Sevenoaks.  The property dates back to what we believe to be circa. 1910, and has since been completely remodelled and transformed into what is now a wonderful family home.

We worked along side the architects from the planning stage to ensure the interior layout would be fitting for our clients’ dream, and we designed and installed every room throughout the house, working closely with the appointed contractors to fully support our client.

The Family Kitchen is a stunning feature of this extensive 2-year renovation project.

Further rooms featured for this project include The Connoisseur’s Dining Room >

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