The Elements Bathroom

November 2023

Bringing pleasure and positive expression into your life is made a reality with the Elements Bathroom.  With a holistic approach, we combined elements and natures influences to enable us to create a bathroom that stirs the soul.  The clever layout creates a shower that is a hidden oasis.  Clean, simple, contemporary styling is enhanced through combining materials to create warmth and interest.

Elements are combined to evoke a feeling of serenity.

Imagine a calming shoreline with plants gently swaying in the wind, collecting shells and the swoop of birds in flight high above in the sky.

Capturing these moments and translating those feelings through combining elements that evoke serenity is made possible only through an interior design experience that unwraps a true expression of individuality.

The Key Element for a Bathroom

Every bathroom has one key element: Water.  How we harness that water is of careful consideration to create the very best possible experience.  Finding the harmony between the materials and how the water flows, is where it all begins.  A deep bath tub is positined under a window to enjoy the views, a hidden shower area is created to create a private wet room space where the water can flow freely.  Shower controls are positioned away from the flow of water.  Double basins are pebble shaped and sit on top of a patternated corian material which is juxtaposed with the warmth of the timber wash-stand.  Bronzed brassware adds warmth along with the statement wall lighting.  All these elements combine to create this stylish and practical bathroom design which is a pleasure to use every day.

The Elements Bathroom is part of an extensive restoration project for a family home in Sevenoaks.  The property dates back to what we believe to be circa. 1910, and has since been completely remodelled and transformed into what is now a wonderful family home.

We worked along side the architects from the planning stage to ensure the interior layout would be fitting for our clients’ dream, and we designed and installed every room throughout the house, working closely with the appointed contractors to fully support our client.

The Elements Bathroom is a stunning feature of this extensive 2-year renovation project.

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