The Calming Bedroom Suite

November 2023

Wake up to views of the surrounding coutryside, supported by soft sumptuous pillows while you sip your morning coffee.  A captured moment to understand how this Calming Bedroom Suite makes you feel.  Light and airy, yet cosy and comfortable, textures and colours are combined to evoke the sense of serenity and calm.  A wonderful example of an understated luxury bedroom design.

Clever Ideas to promote relaxation and sleep.

Creating a calming bedroom suite involves practical magic with clever ideas that promote relaxation and sleep.

Expert advice would point you towards keeping a bedroom clear of clutter and visibly calming.  To allow this to be possible, smart solutions have been incorporated in this bedroom suite to include hiding away the television in a pop-up cabinet at the foot of the bed, and seamlessly concealing the ensuite bathroom through the built-in wardrobes.

Nature has a calming influence and evokes the senses.

We looked to nature to find a calming colour palette for the bedroom suite, and considered every detail to make the most of the space.  Painted wood paneling was used behind a classically styled upholstered headboard.  Reading lights were perfectly positioned above each bedside table.  The simple linen drapes have blackout lining for a good nights sleep.  The bedspread is lightweight and easy to re-dress the bed each morning.  The fitted carpet is super soft and luxuriously sumptuous, yet allows the underfloor heating to flow through and warm the whole room.  The dressing room wardrobes flow softly around into the bedroom area and feature a stunning inlaid wallcovering for added warmth and texture.  The techniques we use consider all elements in tiny detail to ensure the overall vision for the bedroom flows seamlessly, like a bird in flight.

The story of a transformative restoration.

The Calming Bedroom Suite is part of an extensive restoration project for a family home in Sevenoaks.  The property dates back to what we believe to be circa. 1910, and has since been completely remodelled and transformed into what is now a wonderful family home.

We worked along side the architects from the planning stage to ensure the interior layout would be fitting for our clients’ dream, and we designed and installed every room throughout the house, working closely with the appointed contractors to fully support our client.

The Calming Bedroom Suite is a stunning feature of this extensive 2-year renovation project.

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