The Travellers Lounge

February 2022

A travellers home is a reflection of their expereinces, and a place to display all the antiquities and curiostities they have collected.  Our client was keen to bring some exotic flair to their home to remind them of their adventures around the world.  Taking inspiration from hotels they had stayed at to create a lounge where they could find warmth and comfort on long winter nights, curled up with a good book and a glass of wine, with their dog in front of the fire.

A perfect backdrop to put special artefacts at the centre.

An eclectic blend of old and new brought together from far and wide.  We created a stage for bold statement artefacts, carefully curating new pieces to sit in harmony.  The dark green colour on the walls and ceiling creates the perfect backdrop for the displays.  The key piece has to be the Buddha from Sri Lanka which adds a zen like calm to the space.

A journey of inspirational and confident creativity.

We blended textures with a deep jewelled colour palette, incorporating battered leather, whimsical sheer drapes, and statement panelling to create this look.  Inspirations were drawn from global travel and nature to create a true expression of our clients dream.  The colour palette is khaki green with accents of warmth from the burnt umber and tan.  We added special touches such as the ceiling fan, and real plants to create a colonial feel with large statement lamps to create balance.  Stepping foot into the room is like being transported to an authentic luxury destination, worthy of any wunderluster.

Discovering the very best possible solutions.

To make full use of the space, a 77” television is cleverly hidden behind a sliding screen which we designed and built especially for the room.  Fretwork panelling is overlaid on antique mirror to create the illusion of depth and reflect the colours of the space.

Transformative design begins with a deep understanding of aspirations and desires which we sift out and identify to enable the flow and function to create this imaginative interpretation.

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