The Drawing Room

December 2023

The term “drawing room” dates back to the 16th century, and derived from the term withdrawing room or withdrawing chamber, which was used to describe the room in which to entertain vistors after dinner, or a place for the occupier to withdraw for the evening for quiet contempaltion, or perhaps to read by the fire.

Today, our client can enjoy their own drawing room in very much the same way, surrounded by a truly opulent interior that evokes a sense of warmth and relaxation for the evenings.

Elegant Interior Architectural Detailing enhanced with depth of Colour.

The elegant interior architectural detailing throughout this stunning property is enhanced though the wonderful depth of colour we used in the drawing room.

The room is dressed to perfection with tailored furniture and furnishings that were lovingly designed by our talented team, and artfully brought together with our practical magic that enriches lives.

Smart, tailored furnishings designed for style and comfort.

The journey with our client to create this room was one of personal discovery to unwrap their dreams, and the true potential for their beautiful home.  The concept designs were an evolution of ideas without imposition, and careful consideration of their lifestyle and how our client would want to feel in the space.   The colour palette originated from an exploration of materials and inspirations at our design studio, where the scheme developed to become warm and rich with floral notes.  The smart, tailored furniture and furnishings were all made to measure not only the room, but our client too, insuring that every detail was perfectly cut to achieve the most comfortable feeling.

Design Details to Enhance Lifestyle & Environment

The Drawing Room is a truly exceptional illustration of our desire to make homes special and unique, using our expert techniques that engage, innovate and go beyond in order to reflect a true expression of character and personality.

The Drawing Room connects via double doors and steps leading down to a stunning Reception Room which looks out onto the historic grounds.  Both schemes were individually created to suit the nature of each space, yet they were designed to flow and sit in harmony with one another.

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