The Couture Bedroom & Dressing Room

February 2020

Remodelling a space to create an interior that flows seamlessly, like a bird in flight, enabling homes to be both stylish and functional is the most important aspect of planning a layout.  The Couture Bedroom & Dressing Room is part of a remodelling project where we boldly knocked through bedrooms to create a substantial master suite for our clients to personlise their forever home.

Experience an open and airy dressing room area with tailored bespoke fittings.

Maximising the space by taking down the unnecessary boundaries creates a connected, open, and airy space flooded with natural light.

Elegant yet functional bespoke built in wardrobes fill every function to make for an organised dressing area which is a pleasure to walk into every morning.

 Natural vistas are harnessed to capture a feeling.

Use of natural inspirations, such as stunning vistas capture the emotions which are then translated into colour palettes, and the texture of schemes.  How the space will be used is deeply understood to create a design scheme that is a reflection of that dream.  A calming taupe backdrop is accented softly with a light charcoal blue on the freestanding furniture.  A sumptuous super king size bed is framed with mirrors either side to reflect the statement glass pendant lighting.  SONOS architectural speakers were built into the ceiling throughout the master suite for our client to enjoy the ultimate wireless home sound system throughout their bedroom and bathroom.

Simple, elegant, classic contemporary styling.

The simple, elegant, classic contemporary styling of the Couture Bedroom & Dressing Room leads seamlessly into The Hatha Bathroom of the master suite, flowing effortlessly, the rooms are both calm and muted to create a relaxing space in which to unwind at the end of a long day.

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