Meet the team

September 2023

At the design studio, surrounded by rolling Kent countryside up on Yalding Hill with spectacular views and sunsets, Sam and Louise lead the design team with inspirations from the natural influences around them.  The creative pairing are the founders of Trindade & Bird and are renowned for their unique approach to discover dreams and transform spaces that enrich peoples’ lives.  Established in 2008, the company continues to innovate and is supported by their very special and talented team.

SAM BIRD – managing director

LOUISE TRINDADE – creative director

Expert designers enable dreams to take flight

Sam and Louise are highly experienced interior designers, delivering exceptional interiors of the highest quality and standard both in the UK and abroad.

“We believe that good design begins with a deep understanding of aspirations, motivations and desires to enable dreams to be defined.  We find the reflections in the surroundings and influences to be at the source of the creative vision.”

JAN – studio admin

JAN – studio admin

JAN – studio admin

EMMA – interior designer

JAN – studio admin

CLAIR – interior designer

A collaborative team spirit shines through the culture at Trindade & Bird.

On meeting the team at Trindade & Bird, you very quickly feel the strong dynamic.

You’ll receive a warm welcome from them, with a friendly smile and their approachable nature. Home to all of us is a place that has a calm feel. For it to feel lived in, loved, warm and accessible. Home is a canvas to express your personality and display the items that are most treasured to you – a space where you can feel your best self. The team at Trindade & Bird are enthusiastic, amazing individuals, each with their own unique skills and talents – putting you at the centre of all they do.

Their interactive work ethic creates a dream team that will keep you in the know, and confidently take you on a guided journey to uncover your homes true potential.

Empowering passion and individuality with smart, talented people.

Trindade and Bird are passionate about nurturing new talent, embracing individuality, and working alongside smart individuals with a positive mindset and a creative flair.  A day in the life at the studio is a busy flow of creatives at work in an inspirational environment.

Lunchtimes are spent together in the summer months on the garden bench sipping herbal teas, and in winter, warm treats are baked in the oven and the studio is dressed for the festive season.